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Converged networks are used by virtually all industry verticals and there is no mystery as to why. A challenge that every business faces today is how to achieve more while spending less. Doing more with less is more than just a catchphrase: vertical markets in all sectors must evolve and adopt the newest and most efficient solutions if they are to compete.

The migration of voice, data and video communications to a single ‘converged’ IP network makes a lot of sense, especially considering that companies rely massively on communication and network systems to achieve their purposes. The advantages of communicating on a single converged platform include:

  • Improved employee productivity
  • More effective customer service platforms
  • Faster and more cost-efficient business communications
  • Increased security, scalability & richer feature sets


Who are we?

Planet Convergence is a provider of State-of-the-art hosted business communications and comprehensive integrated network solutions and services.

We ensure quality, credibility and reliability in our services, paving the way to high-class and cost-effective information system solutions. Our services follow internationally accredited procedures and infrastructure solutions to best meet your individual needs.

Planet Convergence provides remote monitoring and management services for IP Telephony and core IT infrastructure through its exclusive arrangements with Networker UK Ltd. Our underlying customer policy is to provide services that are credible, reliable and which exceeds customer expectations.

Our technical strategy aims at implementing comprehensive and customized network technology services that simplify converged network implementation, management and maintenance. Clients outsourcing network services to us benefit through improved business efficiency and reduction in losses occurring due to network downtime. They receive the benefits of latest technological trends and the reduced cost of training staff on product and systems use. Through our services we enable clients to fully utilize the power of converged networks for meeting business demands and promoting organizational growth; improving performance and turnover.

We provide state-of-the-art internetworking solutions which include cloud-based IP Telephony, network integration and management, IP based voice networks, routing and switching, wireless technology, network security and disaster recovery. These services are delivered ensuring the highest levels of security so that your data and networks are well managed and safe from intrusions.

We employ qualified and experienced IT professionals in order to cater to the growing business demands of our clients. Our team of highly qualified engineers will enhance your awareness of network technologies, inform you about how well the service levels at various points are maintained and give you the latest updates on the products used in your networks.

At Planet Convergence, we stress quality, service and innovation. We work hard to find viable solutions that meet our clients’ needs. We offer a partnership-type relationship with them. We ensure the reliability of their network thus allowing them to focus on their core business endeavours. Our extensive expertise, technological prowess and commitment to quality make us uniquely suited to serving the growing, changing and demanding needs of our clients.