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The Sparkle Dial Shop solution enables hosted VoIP service providers to manage multiple dial shops or internet cafe’s with an advanced and user friendly solution. This multi level application solution allows administrators to manage call billing and call routing to their agents and dial shop managers, reducing their operating expenditure and increasing business growth.

The sparkle dial shop solution offering advanced features that connects directly to dial shop administrators and agents as well. The solution basically designed based on the telecommunication industry demand this is backed up by planet convergence advanced technology’s . and also provides features like peer to peer video and DDI support.

Advantages of Sparkle Dial Shop

  • Taking advantage of our sparkle Dial shop solution enables existing net cafe owners to expand their client base by their current infrastructure to provide additional IP telephony services.

  • Upgrading to VoIP based systems reduces traditional PSTN dial shop owners costs and boosts profits.

  • The Sparkle Dial shop Solution offers increase in wholesale traffic and adds more customers by providing the feature of hosted IP PBX solutions.

  • The Dial Shop Solution offers complete control over the system through owning both the software and hardware.

Each Dial Shop Location needs the following

  • Internet access with VoIP traffic unblocked
  • IP enabled SIP Phone/ Devices
  • PCs Running Windows operating systems
  • Dial Shop operator for managing the services offered

Each Dial Shop Location Administrator Requires

  • Dedicated server needed to run sparkle Dial Shop VOIP Software
  • Internet Access
  • Own carrier at your location
  • Training & Remote end Installation services

Features of Sparkle Dial Shop

  • Multiple Levels of user access
  • Call billing & call accounting
  • Flexible prepaid & post paid services
  • Easy Dial-shop management
  • Tariff Control
  • Detailed Call reporting tool using CDR
  • Option for Customer to find using Call Rate finder

Multiple levels of user access

The Sparkle dial shop solution offers multiple levels of access : administrator , Dial shop owner and dial shop operator access. One single URL used for all levels of application access . In this administrator access can modify or limit the rights of each user and have the ability to control available options, including available number of shop and controls to view reporting , balance information or receive incoming calls and video calls.

Call billing and call accounting

Real time billing experience through Our integration with Radius server for (accounting authorization, and authentication) procedures providing best accounting and billing functionality . Dial shop operators have the ability to add additional usage charges for Internet based on each bill and take the print receipt in the dial shop itself.

Flexible Prepaid and Post paid services

Administrator of the dial shop have the ability to offer flexible prepaid & post paid service to their clients.

Dial Shop Management

Solution provides operators to activate or deactivate a dial agents . They can disconnect call at any time and also allow them to receive incoming calls.

Tarif Control

Dial shop owners and operators can set up their Pre-defined rates . By taking advantages of sparkle dial shop user friendly solution, Administrator have the ability to define their own selling rates and make them available to dial shop owners and operators.

Call Reporting Tool

Dial shop owners ,and operators can view call details such as cost of each call , profit of that call, and duration of each calls made by date and time also can be addressed by enhanced CDR detailed call reporting service tool from dial shop solution.

Customer Call Rate Finder

The solution features, operators can immediately find rates based on the phone number like customer calling a USA number , by simply entering this number into the system let the customer will be able to know how many minutes they can talk for a particular amount.

Dedicated Dial shop: Owner of a dedicated Dial Shop

    • Customer can make calls by dialing from your dial shop with a destination number.
    • Call recording through dial shop software, running on your operator’s PC records the CDR for the call
    • Gateway sends the call over the Internet that was configured in the software for the calls destination
    • Destination are configured in the carrier software, when gateway sends the calls over Internet
    • Whenever calls terminates at the operator’s dial shop have the ability to record CDR for all the calls for business and reporting analysis.
  • Destination calls are routed by carriers website

Sparkle Hosted Dial shop: Owner of the dedicated Dial Shop

    • Customer can make calls by dialing from your dial shop with a destination number.
    • Gateway forward the call over the Internet to the carrier hosting on your dial shop services
    • Calls are routed to the destination through the carrier hosting and have the ability to records for the calls in the system
    • Calls are terminated in the dial shop, the operators can log into carrier website to retrieve the CDR and invoicing recording information for that call.
  • By log into this website can modify or define services and then according to this can generate a reports.

Sparkle Advanced Dial Shop Solution: You are the owner of a hosting dial shop service

    • Have the ability to manage multiple clients hosting call shop services , Each clients gateway configured to yours
    • Enjoy many Dial shops and services with own gateway assigned from which you can offer services to your clients. A call can be dialed from any of your client’s Dial Shop. Call routing is achieved using Gateway assigned to you.
  • Sparkle specialized software records all of the CDR data which passes through the Gateway. This software will be used for billing your client call details and also for modifications in any call rates, logs etc.

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