Sparkle Dial Shop

The Sparkle dial shop Solution enables hosted voip service providers to manage multiple dial shops or net cafe's with advanced one user friendly solution. This multi level application solution delivers, administrators have the ability to mange call billing and call routing to their agents and dial shop managers , by taking advantage of this solution reducing their operating expenditure and increases business growth.

The sparkle dial shop solution offering advanced features that connects directly to dial shop administrators and agents as well. The solution basically designed based on the telecommunication industry demand this is backed up by planet convergence advanced technology's . and also provides features like peer to peer video and DDI support.

Advantage in sparkle Dial Shop

By taking advantages of using sparkle Dial shop solution enables existing net cafe owners to expand their client base by their current infrastructure to provide additional IP telephony services.

Upgrading to voip based systems reduces traditional PSTN dial shop owners costs and boost profits by switching to voip technology.

The Sparkle Dial shop Solution offers increase in wholesale traffic and adds more customers by providing the feature of hosted IP Pbx solutions.

The Dial Shop Solution offers complete control over the system by owning the software and hardwares.

Each Dail Shop Location needs the following
  • VOIP not blocked Internet Access
  • IP enabled SIP Phone/ Devices
  • PC Running with Windows operating system
  • Dial Shop operator for managing the services
Each Dial Shop Location Administrator Requires
  • Dedicated server need to run sparkle Dial Shop VOIP Software
  • Internet Access
  • Own carrier at your location
  • Training & Remote end Installation services