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The competitive edge of existing hotels offering telephony services , increased competition from introduction of calling cards and thousands of new promotions in Voip technology services makes lose in the hotel market share.


Hotels are pleasure place for business people and tourist’s and more, Imagine your guest at your hotel being able to make geographic long distance calls without having worry about an expensive hotel telephone bill . Using our sparkle hosted voip hotel solutions, your hotel guest will no longer needed to purchase calling cards or search for Dial shops (call shop), Hotels now be able to offer same competitive calling facility to their guests in your hotel at lower price tariff without having any large infrastructure for IP PBX to provide comfort calling functions


Switching to hosted IP PBX solution is logical business decision yourself to your clients also stands to benefits from all the great things delivers in hotel business chain.

Sparkle hosted solution services

Hosted IP PBX Solution brings the comfort quality of communications and reducing the cost of operation for the hotel industry , thus it provides results in increased profitability through pampering guest services satisfaction


Sparkle hotel call accounting services provides voip enabled turnkey features, Call accounting systems for the hotel industries reduces their new branded telephony services.


The hotel accounting systems provides more features and benefits for your guest as well as offers cost saving and offers opportunity for enhanced revenue for hospitality industries.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced opportunity for hotels to provide cost savings as well as reducing your investment on this telephony system


  • Sparkle offers highly scalable solutions


  • New services in rapid development in the future


  • Advanced use of call management services among geographical locations


  • Ease of integration with existing PMS of your hotel


  • Solutions focused to increase the profitability by advanced call billing and real time web based billing with detailed call records, has the ability to set up a cost and margin manageability


  • Sparkle real time call billing
  • Geographic location numbers
  • Advanced voice-mail services
  • Integration of existing PMS
  • Enhanced service of messaging
  • On-line call account management

Sparkle real time call billing

Sparkle call billing service engine provides control of their guest’s telephone usage in real time. Tariff management plans enables hotels to easily manage their cost and allows the administrators to provides multiple tariffs for their guest as well as managing their comfort pricing for usage.

Geographic location numbers & (incoming) calls

Now we can allocate DDI numbers to your guest at your hotel to receive direct incomminig calls from any where and charged for receiving calls. This offers additional option to generate revenue for providing enhanced value added sparkle VOIP solutions.

Advanced Voice-mail services

Solution offers full control over enhanced voice-mail services available via phone such as e-mail or on line, SMS and e-mail notifications can be available from many technology sources to easily access voice -mail at any time .Solution offers full control over enhanced voice-mail services available via phone such as e-mail or on line, SMS and e-mail notifications can be available from many technology sources to easily access voice -mail at any time.

Integration of Existing PMS

An Application programming interface(API) used by sparkle call accounting system provides ease of integration with any third party PMS products. Based on the client requirements, custom integration also can be done.

Enhanced service of Messaging

Advertisements also can be done with a type of IP phones being used in rooms , these opportunities are available for hotels to make extra revenue . New special offers for hotel products and services like restaurant night dinner party specials or emergency notification services . These advertisement services can be sold to commercial local businesses.

Sparkle on-line call account management functionality

Set of on-line tools used to customize their functionality of the phone in real time call management . This type of services becomes easier to use without remembering complex shortcut keys to manage the calling functionality.

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