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Planet Convergence Business Plans

Planet Convergence Unified Communication solution is the boon for any type business operating over Internet. Unified Communication solution is must for any corporate or organization who wants to reduce their monthly recurring phone bills.


We have 24/7 support center for IP Telephony which will ensure high availability to the VOIP service. Customer can choose their type of support on demand on discussing with our sales team.


We have tie up with different route carriers all over the world,which let us to provide Least cost routing and other carrier as backup route connection when any carrier fails.

Call Charges

Our Business Plans offers the best value and cheap price! Based on Monthly call volume you will get free minutes to frequently called destinations with many features starting from basic to advanced features. Please refer our features list based on package in the bottom.For any customer who maintains high volume of call every month can contact Planet Convergence sales team to get their free bonus minutes or discount in charges

Features &Benefits

  • 24/7 web access to your call history and billing information
  • Lowest calling rates
  • Simple plug and play devices
  • Supports most of the IETF recommended and compatible SIP devices
  • Least cost routing will ensure calls are routed to low cost carrier
  • Toll Quality redundant route carrier to multiple PSTN vendor
  • Flexible IP Telephony support contract available on Demand
  • Multiparty Meet-Me Conference with audio recording
  • Automatic call handling and routing using Auto-Attendant (IVR)
  • Simple Call Center add on feature on demand
  • Caller ID can be restricted for outbound calls
  • Custom Music on Hold can be uploaded on demand
  • Incoming FAX can be converted as .Pdf and mailed to employees
  • 24/7 support contract ensure high availability to your VOIP service
  • Online Phone Web based Control
    • Call Activity details available for download as Excel file
    • Phone Follow Me control
    • Phone Ringing option control (Sequential and Simultaneous)
    • Specific Caller treatment (Blocking, Voice-Mail, Forwarding)
    • Employee phone feature control access for company admin
    • Call Answering mode control
    • Individual call charges and balance details

Packages and Plans

Extension 0 – 5 6 -15 16 +
Voicemail Yes Yes Yes
Voicemail to Email Yes Yes Yes
Group Pickup Yes Yes Yes
Call parking Yes Yes Yes
Hide CLI Yes Yes
Speed Dial Yes Yes Yes
Call Hunting Yes Yes Yes
Do not disturb Yes Yes Yes
Three way conference calling Yes Yes Yes
Custom Hold Music Chargeable Yes Yes
Auto-Attendant (AA) Chargeable Chargeable Included
Call Queuing Included with AA Included with AA Yes
E-FAX Chargeable Yes Yes
Multiparty Conference Bridge Chargeable Chargeable Yes
Required Bandwidth 256 Kbps 512 Kbps 2 Mbps+

PC Recommended VoIP Devices

  • Cisco IP Phone 7940/7960
  • Cisco SPA 303 3 lines
  • Cisco SPA 502G 1 Line
  • Cisco SPA 525G Wireless supported
  • Polycom Sound-Point 335 2 line
  • Grandstream GXP 1450
  • Xlite Softphones

Add on Package’s and Prices:

Packages Charges Name Charges
DID along with 200 Minutes free for USA, Canada and UK LL call per month Activation (onetime) UK or USA = 10 £
International = 15 £
Monthly rental per DID UK or USA = 10 £
International = 15 £
Virtual DID ( Not configured on Phone) Activation (onetime) UK or USA = 8 £
International = 15 £
Monthly rental per DID UK or USA = 7 £
International = 15 £
Conference (One DID inluded,Multiparty,Meet-Me) Activation UK or USA = 8 £
International = 15 £
Monthly rental per DID UK or USA = 8 £
International = 15 £
Efax (Incoming Only) with DID Activation UK or USA = 8 £
International = 15 £
Monthly rental per DID UK or USA = 8 £
International = 15 £
Auto Attendant with DID Activation UK or USA = 10 £
International = 15 £
Monthly rental per DID UK or USA = 8 £
International = 15 £
Auto Attendant with out DID (used with existing package ) Activation 8 £
Monthly rental for Support 5 £

Need Help?

Please Feel Free To Contact Us.
We Will Get Back To You With 1-2 Business Days.

Sparkle Business Plans

Call Parking

Call parking allows users to put a conversation on hold and then resume it from a different handset/extension.

Music on Hold

If you put a caller on hold, the caller will hear the music. Planet Convergence will provide the Default and Custom Music on Hold.

Abbreviated Dialing

Instead of dialing a full phone number, we can cut and assign only 3 numbers, this way we can make calls easily.

Call Queue

Call queue is like a phone waiting room, allowing calls to wait for an available agent. Announcements can usually be set, to tell a caller their position or wait time.

Group Pickup

Group Call Pickup is a feature that allows a user to answer an incoming call that rings on a telephone, other than the user’s own phone.

Call Transfer

Enables a user to relocate an existing call to another phone or mobile, by using the transfer button and dialing the required location number.

Three way Calling

Enables a user to make a three-way call with two parties, in which all parties can communicate with each other.

Do not Disturb

If you enable Do Not Disturb, all incoming calls will be blocked, and the calls will go straight to voicemail. Enabling a Do not Disturb feature will turn off all audible and visual notifications of incoming calls, and disables your phone from ringing. Note: DND will not affect Intercom calls.

Multiparty Conference

Conference features allow users to join in on a conference call any time, without the hassle of having to make specific arrangements in advance. Whether you want 3, 4 or more, all callers can communicate together.

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant allows callers to be transferred to an extension without the intervention of an operator (typically a receptionist). Auto Attendant will offer a menu system (“for sales, press 1, for service, press 2, etc.).

Follow Me

The user is assigned a virtual number. When that number is dialed, the server routes the call through a defined list of numbers given by the subscriber from where he can be reached. The numbers may be called simultaneously or sequentially, until the called party responds from one of the numbers in the defined list.

Voice to Email notification

When a new voice message arrives in your IP phone, either a short notification or a complete voice message (a .WAV sound file in an email attachment) can be forwarded to the user’s external email (e.g. on your company’s email server). This feature allows you to be notified if anyone has called you while you were away.

Fax to Email

When the outside person send a FAX to the Fax DID that can be received by our Planet convergence media server and then sent to the Fax user, if the fax machine is down or busy then the user can receive fax to the specified email, usually as a PDF attachment.


Our integrated UM (Unified Messaging) server allows the caller to leave a voice message, when our subscriber is not able to attend to the call, or during a Power or Network outage.

* For a customer who maintains high volume of call every month can contact Planet Convergence sales team to get their free bonus minutes or discount in charges
* Customer opting for bundled feature package
* All charges are with Support
* All charges are without VAT

For all countries call rates please refer A to Z call rates toll free.

A to Z call rates local.