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Private broadband network
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Private Broadband Network

Planet Convergence Next Generation Private Broadband service is one of the best and most reliable Business Broadband which not only provides priority based packets delivery but also gives round the clock customer support service.

We offer Private Broadband with Quality of Service (QOS) mechanisms ensuring the smoothest transition of data and the highest quality of telephony services. Quality of Service (QOS) in Broadband is required for much type of services, for example:

  • Streaming multimedia with guaranteed throughput
  • Strict limits on jitter and delay in IP telephony
  • Dedicated link emulation requires both guaranteed throughput and imposes limits on maximum delay
  • Video Teleconferencing  require a guaranteed level of availability
What is QOS?

In the fields of broadband networks, the traffic engineering term Quality of Service (QoS) refers to the probability of the telecommunication network meeting a given traffic contract, or  the probability of a packet succeeding in passing between two points in the network. Without QoS IP traffic can be delayed or even lost.

There are essentially two ways to provide QoS guarantees in broadband networks.

The first is simply to provide lots of resources, enough to meet the expected peak demand with a substantial safety margin. This is nice and simple, but it believed to be expensive in practice, and can't cope if the peak demand increases faster than predicted. Also, deploying the extra resources takes time.

The second one is to make reservations on the on the multilayer network device, mostly routers for each type of traffic, for example: An organization's broadband bandwidth can be reserved 40% for Video packets, 30% for Voice packets and 30% for data packets. Without doubt the second option is more viable and economical.

QoS defined network packet flow

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