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Sparkle Connect Service is a SIP based Trunk connection which uses existing Internet Connection. Sparkle Connect trunks is a boon for Small, Medium, and Enterprise business which reduces more than 59% of cost in Telephony investment over traditional PSTN gateways, ISDN BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces) or PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces). Just your existing High Speed Internet connection is enough to provide you the connection, relieving you from the burden of Hardware space allocation, cabling headaches etc…You can receive maximum of two Concurrent calls when you purchase basic Sparkle Trunk. Number of Concurrent calls can be increased by purchasing additional Sparkle Trunks

Trunk Type No of Calls at a Time Bandwidth Required Select
Basic 2 100 Kbps
Trunk@5 5 500 Kbps
Trunk@10 10 1 Mbps
Trunk@15 15 1.5 Mbps
Trunk@20 20 2 Mbps
Trunk@25 25 2.5 Mbps

What Technology is used?

It Uses a Protocol called Session Initiation Protocol defined by IETF. A SIP Trunk is a logical connection between your Phone (which is connected to the Internet) and to our Sparkle Server which authenticates and route the calls based on the configuration.

How it Works?

When a call is placed from an internal phone to an external number, call will carry the necessary information to our Sparkle Server in-turn establishes the call to the dialed number and acts as an intermediary for the call. All signaling and voice traffic between the phone and the Sparkle server is exchanged using SIP and RTP protocol packets over the IP network. When caller dials the PSTN number call will go to Sparkle Server, based on the user purchased services it will go to specific carrier based on Least Cost Routing technology and reach the destination as like a normal PSTN call.

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What is the advantage over ISDN?

  • Calls are cheap over ISDN
  • No Physical wire connection
  • Uses Existing Data Internet connection
  • There is no limit for number of channels when bandwidth available.
  • Easy provisioning
  • Ease of manageability
  • User also can control using Webpage access
  • Existing ISDN also can be utilized as a backup connection
  • Customization of call features
  • Quick setup can be done within a day