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In a world where the volume and sources of communications are ever increasing, businesses and individuals are constantly challenged with effectively managing, processing and reacting to such communications in a timely fashion. Planet Convergence has the answer to such a challenge.


For empowering enterprises with Unified communications, we offer on premise and hosted solutions for their business which is a data centre hosted solution that integrates fax, voice and email communications for businesses worldwide.


The solution can provide personal telephone numbers to every subscriber, which becomes the single source for receiving faxes and voice mails directly into their email accounts. Furthermore, the same number can serve as a find me / follow me number, whereby it can connect the caller to the subscriber wherever they are. This amazing power allows individuals to remain on the go, whether for business or pleasure, yet remain in touch with the rest of the world. On a larger scale, the same unified communications capabilities of Planet Convergence can be integrated within a virtual office, or a contact center to efficiently manage the inbound calls. It also allows users to send faxes via email or to integrate its highly scalable and robust infrastructure for fax sending through the Fax API.

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Cisco based Unified Communications solution

We offer Cisco Unified Communications system based on Cisco’s industry-leading IP Communications. This includes Cisco‚Äôs innovative products, applications, features, and capabilities.


Cisco Unified Communications system is an open and extensible platform for real-time communications based on presence, mobility and the intelligent information network. By using the IT data network as the service delivery platform, the system helps workers to reach the right resource the first time by delivering presence and preference information to an organization’s employees. It is the first true second-generation Internet Protocol (IP) Communications system providing not just telephone services, but rather a rich communications environment that seamlessly integrates voice, video and data collaboration in one system.

Key Businesses Benefits of Unified Communications

  • Enables companies to react to change better and faster, helping them remain competitive
  • Offers a powerful, low-cost option for business continuity issues
  • Provides an industry-standard solution for interoperability
  • Creates an expanded business reach
  • Improves customer service
  • Results in fewer integration issues/costs for the IT department
  • Ability to optimize geographically diverse people (seamless teaming)

  • Lowers product and administration costs
  • Reduces training costs with its integrated solution
  • Improves productivity by consolidating email boxes and voice mail
  • Simplifies the user experience
  • Removes communication bottlenecks
  • Powerful, low-cost options for business continuity
  • Enables better customer service